New recording by NAXOS



On March 20, 2020, NAXOS has issued new CD produced and conducted by Maestro Smolij. This 13th album recorded by the conductor for this international lebel. The recording features music by American-Hungarian composer Eugene Zágor. It is the seventh volume in multi year project to record and present to the musical world the complete symphonic output of this little known but distinguished composer.

The CD is available for purchase at Amazon: CLICK HERE TO OPEN


The music of Eugene Zádor is both warmly expressive and colorful. The composer took great delight in writing for overlooked solo instruments, as his Trombone Concerto, garnished with elements of Hungarian folklore, clearly shows. The easy-going, gypsy-influenced Music for Clarinet and Strings is a beautifully proportioned quasi-concerto. The Sinfonia Technica, composed much earlier when he was living in Vienna, and something of a one-off, is an enchanting and exuberantly orchestrated example of ‘industrial music’.